Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Week That Was

Notable dates in May thus far:

May 16th: first mosquitoes and first big rain arriving just in time to batten down the peonies and iris.

(Note to all of you, please remind me next March to cage my peonies. This is now on your shoulders).

May 13th: the date my favorite Airbnb guest arrived to stay for 6 nights while looking for permanent housing. Instant connection that will eventually end with him moving into house as full time house mate in November.

In the meantime I have room booked/being booked until July when an intern for Swiss TV will arrive to stay through August. Thus assuring cat care while I take a couple of weeks vacation.

B., the present guest has found a temporary rental around the corner until he goes to Quantico in August for 3 months training. He too will be visiting the cats while I'm (not) sunning on beaches.

He loves the hood and finds everyone so welcoming. I told him it (the hood) picks its people and for better or for worse he is one of the select.

 He's a cat guy, especially gingers, spent 4 years as a vet tech while in college, so hopefully will be able to help me get cats into cages for yearly vet visit ( previously GG's job) and made the mistake of telling me he was handy.

The equivalent of handing the keys to a candy store to a diabetic. I love handy.

May 12th: the day I had my stitches out and was released to garden. With the caveat I wear  a bandaid over site, and a ginormous hat. And no sun for a year. And no eating apples, picture here doctor stretching mouth very wide at least 5 times in succession to show me what not to do. Finally I told him thank god I was gay.

He told me the site looked good tho, like earthworms were at work.

May 11th: the day my friend and hairdresser went into shop on his Monday day off to do emergency surgery on my hair. Resuming life as a bobbed blonde hidden under huge hat.

May 10th: the day I wrote my last post and told you my day would be full of nada. Here to report I kept my promise. Though that led to a very busy Monday.

I will now insert gratuitous flower pic and head off to yoga. Looking forward to hearing about the week that was for you.

xo J

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Done And Dusted*

It's over for another year.

Love to all the mothers and a round of Advil for all the florists.

I was walking through the kitchen this morning and when I glanced at the clock I thought, oh my god, it's 9:00am and I haven't done anything.

And then I remembered by that time yesterday I had been hard at work for 2 hours.

And remained so till after 6:00, surrounded by buckets of peonies, hot pink roses, pale pink sweetpeas, fragrant lilac, friends and coworkers, bottles of water and empty Starbucks containers.

There may have been too much laughter for my sutures, but they do say it's the best medicine....

And when I dragged home carrying a handful of pink peonies, I found yards full of neighbors, an empty chair waiting for me and eager ears to relive my day with.

 As ever we trailed from house to house, yard to yard, inspecting this one's garden, this one's home project.

Finally at 10:15 I hauled myself up and staggered across the street to bed. I don't know when any of us ate any dinner. But my appetite was for sleep.

Even the cats were ready to come in.

Before I continue my busy day of doing nada, I want to send Happy Mother's Day wishes to all my friends in the clouds.

 And I'm handing out red charm peonies from the garden to each and every mother in da hood.

Come on by!

xo J

* Thank you Lucille for this phrase, new to me but already in heavy rotation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Post Op

As you can imagine,4am came early on Monday.

But despite the alarm, the lights and my shower, the cats slept on, curled up on my bed in their usual spots, oblivious to all the angst and action.

Thanks guys.

And who knew that a normal ride from my house in Arlington to Georgetown Hospital would shrink from 30 minutes to 10, leaving me standing outside the doors waiting for them to open at 5am?

And who knew that Tini, Mr. B's mother would make it there at 6:50am to keep me company till the witching hour of 7:30. And appear shortly after I regained consciousness with an iced latte in hand?

I was on my home, slightly Frankenstein in appearance, by 10:30, exhilarated as ever by the cocktail of drugs whirling through my body.

Anesthesia peps me up.

The incision looks to be in good shape 2 days later, and I know this because I ask every stray nurse or pharmacist I run into.

The hardest part is eating, talking and laughing. And these are three of my favorite things.

And not weeding of course.

A customer told me today I looked like a cat had gotten at me. A big cat he said.

Really? Looking forward to doing his mothers day flowers.

Another customer said "oh, that must have hurt".

I said " well, I was sedated". I must look like I was in a knife fight. With a big cat.

But I'm delighted it's over, the Doctor said all looks good, and the stitches come out next Tuesday.

Life goes on. I'm primping for tonight's' previously scheduled Airbnb guest and praying for more rain so I won't feel guilty about not watering.  But how nice is it to be able to walk out the door and cut a few stems of flowers! Glass overflowing. And I say this without benefit of drugs.

Thank you all for your comments, emails and text.

And the flowers in the house, both on your blogs and on Instagram.

You truly do give me courage when I start to falter.

And I am always grateful.

xo J

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's A Party Now: FITH May 21015

 Hello my lovelies.
 I am le tired.
 In an attempt to distract myself from tomorrow's 4am wake up, I have been keeping busy.

Yoga, farmers market, gardening, visiting with neighbors, more gardening, freaking out, vacuuming, stressing out and a bit more gardening.

Now it's dark, only the cats and the very full moon are out.

 Outside it's summer, 78degrees at 8:40pm, inside it's spring.

The garden has offered up pink lily of the valley, a fragrant yellow iris and a stoneware cup of violas.

 California flew in peonies. I flushed them out with a few stems of homegrown weigela and lambs ear .

 The stoneware is from yesterdays flea market and the pitcher from a friend's visit to France.

What more can a woman want when she is surrounded by friends and flowers, stoneware and pottery?

Well, besides wanting the cats to come in?

A visit to and from you would make it just right.

Here's fingers crossed Mr. linky still works!

See you Monday?

xo J

Post Op Update: all went well, I'm home now, but I'm talking too much and incision keeps opening. Tine for a nap. When I come over only let me mutter out of the left side of my mouth!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

You Are Invited....

To join us in May Flowers In The House, Monday the 4th.

If you've been here before you know the drill.

If you're a newbie, just take a picture or two of some flowers in your house.

 They could be spring, they could be fall. This is clearly summer.

All continents welcome.

Then you scoot over here, link up your blog with the magic Mr. Linky and leave a comment if you're so inspired.

Then prepare to entertain people you might have never met before or your old and true blog buddies.

If you want to serve a little something delicious not a soul would refuse.

I'm going to put up a link to an old FITH so you can see how it's done.

And those of us who participated can stroll down memory lane.

I won't be by to visit as early as usual but once I'm home I'll be right over.

My doors open at midnight EST.

xo J

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pre Op

This has been an unusually stress filled week, and it's the week before Mothers Day rolls around.

Triple stress action coming.

My dermatologist found some skin cancer on my chin right under the left corner of my lower lip.

It's just basal cell so apparently no great cause for alarm.

But this coming Monday I roll out of bed at the ungodly hour of 4 something am to be at Georgetown Hospital at 5:30am for surgery at 7:30.

How lucky was I that somebody cancelled that spot?

On GG's suggestion, I went to Plastic Surgery At Georgetown, where she worked for many years to see her favorite Doctor.

Now you must remember my legal name isn't Jane, it's rather long and very Irish Catholic.

So I go by Jane.

Imagine the surprise of both myself and the nurse when Dr. Pittman was "Are you GG's ex?"

When I said "yes", the nurse whirled around on her stool and said "Jane"?

Outed. Again.

And imagine their surprise when the "responsible adult" who comes to pick me post op is GG's sister, mother of the former Mr. B, now Mr. Big Shot, who just had her own surgery, same Doctor, though a much more difficult procedure a scant two weeks ago.And do you know how hard it is to find a responsible adult who isn't working on Monday morning?

I think the stressful part comes from all the phone calls from different departments in the Hospital  asking me the same questions. My answers are pretty much "no", which makes me feel very healthy. But one more round of this and I might take some recreational drugs.

Just for fun you understand.

Oh my god, the worst of it all? No gardening for 10 days after surgery!!

Why oh why is it always no gardening just when I've gotten strong enough to dig up and move a rosebush by myself?

Glass half full:

 I'll be able to fill the house with lily of the valley

 And lilac.

And I'm promised a little scar which might make me at 5'2 and 110 lbs. look a tad  more dangerous.

Get back Jack!

Monday, April 27, 2015

We Never Go Out Of Style

Latest review from the world of innkeeping:

"Beautiful neighborhood and beautiful cozy home. If you've watched The Holiday, think of Iris Simplins' cottage. Very close to bus stops and metro stations. Overall great experience and great time."

My favorite Hollywood house! Score 1 for smallbutcharming, 0 for Gus and Lucy this time.

My turn to smirk.

Quite honestly it is not a beautiful neighborhood, it's a little shabby.( But hey,  at least the RV is gone from down the street).

I guess its  heart and soul shines through.

Though today was a day to try the patience of anyone with a soul.

Carlos was going to reattach a piece of lattice that had come down in February on my back deck when the winds were gusting at 35 miles an hour. It had only gone up in November so I was eagerly looking forward to summer when it would be covered with grapevine, birds eating grapes and cats trying to catch birds.

What should have been a 20 minute project according to the boss became an all day affair requiring 3 trips to Home Depots, a lumber store, breakfast, lunch and a tank of gas.

Oh and a new drill bit for Senor and whatever else the hell he wanted.

Anything that could go wrong did go wrong and finally there we were in the parking lot of the final Home Depot where I was laughing so hard I was crying.

And the installment process hasn't even begun yet.

This is gonna take all week. And Thai food.

I may be unlucky in the choice of deck refinishers/trellis installers, but I sure am lucky in friends.

In real time and in IT time.

I just read this beautiful piece by Denise at chezdanisse tonight and it got me thinking.

Is it true no one reads blogs anymore?

I don't believe that judging from the number of pageviews I get and I'm not offering anything of much consequence.

Or teak chairs like Marie.

But I don't want blogging to go out of style like a pet rock or  scrunchies.

So I'll keep reading if you keep writing and vice versa.